Agent Teams . Are they good for buyers?


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I was the first residential broker in Alabama to practice Buyer Brokerage. “Back Then All Agents Represented Sellers”

Finally the Buyer had representation. This was a new concept to traditional agents. Back in those days, being the only agent in my marketplace representing buyers, it was clear who represented whom.

Then as consumers nationwide became more aware of Buyer Brokerage, traditional agents started losing buyers. Traditional agents found themselves in quite a dilemma  .  Buyers were demanding Buyer Brokerage, so they had to come up with a way to make it seem – to the buyer –  that the agency was representing them. But still make the seller feel that they were being represented too. 

The traditional Brokers thought, “HMMM . . . .   I got it !   “Let’s create groups of agents !”  “Lets give one agent a fancy title like “Buyer Specialists” or “Relocation Director” that just works with buyers.” “And a listing agent that just works with sellers.”  “We can call this group a TEAM!”   “The seller will think the listing agent is trying to get the highest price for the seller and the Buyer specialist is trying to get the lowest price for the Buyer.”

But there is a problem . . .confused guy

In Alabama . . . as in many states, an agent cannot represent buyers fully if they are showing a buyer any of their company’s listings. In this case the agent becomes a Dual Agent. A Dual Agent is Limited in what they can share with a buyer. It is a reduced level of representation.

Buyers should be aware that no matter what the agents title or team name, if that company takes listings, meaning they represent sellers, every agent in that company will switch the buyer to a reduced level of representation “Dual Agency”, if the buyer is interested in any of that company’s listings. Reduced levels of representation means that the buyer does not receive all of the strategic information they could have had. Nor are they receiving aggressive Pro buyer negotiating for them. This could cost the buyer Thousands !

There is a Solution . . . .   

There are a few Realtor Companies around our nation that have decided that the only true way to represent Buyers, is to just represent Buyers ! The only true way to just represent Buyers is to never represent Sellers.If a company takes listings, they represent sellers.

Our Company Never Takes Listings.

By representing you exclusively, you take control of the buying process.Maximize your savings by choosing a company that just represents BUYERS.         “Never A Fee To The Buyer”


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Eric Kruse
Exclusive Buyers Broker
The Buyer’s Advocate