Talking To A Builder About A Home?

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Talking To A Builder About Building A Home For You – Or Buying One Of Their Existing Homes?
” Builders Are Sellers Too “constfrming
  • If you are considering a home built by one of the many retail builders . . .
  • Using an Exclusive Buyer Broker Who is also a Graduate Master Builder to negotiate your home is the best of both worlds.
  • Knowing how a home is built, and what the builder is thinking helps me identify Pro Buyer opportunities in the negotiation, in a “Pre-Built”, or an Existing New Home situation.
  • As an Exclusive Buyer Broker – you receive full representation. “Builders are sellers too”, and they will negotiate on price and terms.
  • As a licensed builder – you receive the benefit of knowing you have an experienced set of eyes watching the construction of your home.
  • Services most traditional agents are not qualified to offer.
  • Remember . . . If I’m Your Realtor, Never A Fee To You !



Building Your Own Home?constfmly

You Can Build Your Home Yourself, But You Don’t Have To Be By Yourself.

  • Save Thousands being your own contractor without ever lifting a hammer!
  • Eric has carried the concept of “Always Representing His Client” to New Home Construction. He is a Licensed Graduate Master Builder.
  • Having a Licensed Graduate Master Builder on your side, puts Subcontractors on notice to be competitive on quotes and attentive to your needs.
  • With Eric’s Construction & Site Management experience , he stands with you to assist in the duties of “The Builder”, but You are in full control of final decisions & you are in full control of the finances.
  • You know where every dollar goes into the construction of your home.
  • Take Advantage Of Our Builder Discounts and Rebates.
  • Build On Your Lot Or We Find One For You.
  • You Will Save $1000’s With Our “BUILD ASSIST” Program.


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